5 'NG's In Terms Of Washing Hair And Hair Protection

Here we would like to share 5 different mistakes on washing hair and hair protection, corresponding solutions and explanations to help you to get away from the bird’s nest like frizzy dry hair.

Frizzy dry hair

NG 1. Directly apply shampoo on hair

Correct method:hampoo must be foamed in the palm of the hands and then apply it on hair

Analysis:shampoo is a kind of high-concentration cleansing product and the rich foam can dissolve dirt. If you directly apply it on hair to make it touch your scalp, it will irritate your scalp and make your hair rub against each other. By doing so, it will make your hair ends dry, make your scalp greasy and cause problem like dandruff.

Lady washing her hair

NG 2. Use the hair conditioner when your hair is still dripping

Correct method:always dry your hair before using the hair conditioner

Analysis:excessive moisture will dilute the hair conditioner and greatly reduce the absorption effect of the hair care products. The more concentrated the hair care nutrition product is, hair mask essence for example, the higher the requirements for hair dryness are.

Deep Conditioning Routine

NG 3. The temperature of water for washing hair is constant

Correct method:the temperature of the water should change from high to low

Analysis: lower the temperature of the water when you are about to rinse the shampoo. By doing so, it will make your hair cuticles close better and your hair feels very soft to the touch. Besides, it will be easier for you to style your hair by hair drier, and your hair will be more shiny.

Hair washing

NG 4. Blow the hair without blowing the scalp

Correct method:quickly dry your scalp to reduce the hot air damage to your hair

Analysis: some people think that the scalp is sensitive and easy to be hurt, so they choose not to blow the scalp. However, once the scalp is blown dry, the hair is also easy to be dried, which will shorten the time spent on blowing and reduce the damage to the hair.

Blow the hair without blowing the scalp

NG 5. Hair care with olive oil

Correct method:use the compound product with olive oil

Analysis:the macromolecules of the olive oil cannot enter the hair. Only when it is processed into a complex product, can the active ingredients be absorbed by the hair.

compound product with olive oil

Hope these 5 tips help you to know more about washing hair and protecting your hair.

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