What Can I Do To Rescue My Hair?

Hair loss is more and more common to see on both men and women nowadays, we are losing hair for this or that reason. One of those is alopecia areta, it is a condition that causes hair to fall out in small patches, which can be unnoticeable, however, these patches may connect and then become noticeable. The condition develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

Though this disease has been existing for centuries and we still don’t have effective ways to triumphed over it, we have methods to guard against it and to relief your condition if you’ve had alopecia.

Typically the causes can be:

Genetics and the male hormone, which are main factors for male hair loss;

Infection such as: fungal infections, folliculitis, secondary syphilis, Dissecting cellulitis;

Drugs such as the drugs for blood pressure problems, heart disease, cholesterol or side effects from drugs;

Trauma including: traction alopecia, frictional alopecia, radiation to the scalp;

Pregnancy in addition, excessive mental stress, hormone imbalance caused by lack of sleep can also contribute to hair loss.


Lady in stress


Now we have acknowledged the causes of hair loss, the best as well as the healthiest way to fight against it is to develop good living & eating habits. We give suggestions as follows:

1.Often use a wooden comb, gently comb your head, massage the head to strengthen blood circulation in the head;

2.Minimize the number of shampoos (preferably wash your hair every 3 days);

3.For those with oily hair, eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables for a period of time;

4.Ensure sleep enough and avoid excessive worry;

5.The combing massage of the scalp has the effect of refreshing vitality, promoting blood circulation, and smoothing the muscles. Properly combing the scalp can promote blood circulation of the capillaries in the scalp, improve the nutritional status of the hair papilla in the hair follicle, and help the hair follicle recover the function of hair growth.


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Eating habit helps to relief condition and grow hair.

1.Protein is the basic substance that constitutes life, so you should also eat more food which contains plant protein, and some studies have found that the content of methionine, cystine in hair of hair loss people is significantly less than that of normal people. Corn and other foods are rich in methionine and cystine;

2.What is closely related to hair growth is the function of the thyroid gland, so the primary consideration for hair growth is iodine supplementation. Eat kelp, laver, oysters, etc.;

3.Massaging the scalp when washing your hair can promote blood circulation;

4.Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division around the hair follicles, and also make hair grow. You can eat more fresh lettuce, green cabbage, black sesame and so on;

5.Hericium erinaceus is an excellent health food with high protein, low fat, rich in minerals and vitamins, and has high nutritional value;

6.Supplement spinach, fish, shrimp, bananas, carrots, beans, eggs, etc. They are full of iron.

7.Eat more vegetables and fruits.


Diet for hair loss


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