Can You Resist Temptation Of Ombre Hair Colors?

Just like naturally freehand brushwork or romantic and smooth tie-dye, Ombre’ hair color that is currently popular among European and American stars is definitely eye-catching. If you want to be at the forefront of fashion, you can't help but want to go to the salon to get a makeover. Whereas don’t be that fast, don't rush to follow suit, understanding the gradual hair color is the first step!


Artistic Ombre’ hair coloring

If you pay attention to the current international hair dyeing trend, you will find that a type of hair color called "Ombre’ hair coloring" is in vogue. Also it is strongly sought after by many Hollywood celebrity models. Dye the Ombre’, if you want a extreme makeover. Start from your top of your head and transform your hair color from dark to light or from light to dark to make it a naturally transition, showing the effect of tie-dyed.

Where does the Ombre’ hair coloring come from? We can’t help thinking of the comparison between the new hair grown from the hair roots and the dyed hair, a period of time after dyeing. The Ombre’ is based on this foundation, and the hair is directly divided into different levels; the hair is gradually dyed from deep to light, so that the dyed hair has a natural and decadent beauty, which is very fashionable.


What is the difference between Ombre’ and traditional dyeing?

Ombre’ is different from traditional vertical hair coloring, which uses a single strand of multi-colored gradient dyeing method, from the root to the tip of the hair, so that each strand of hair can perfectly show the progress from deep to light tones hair color changing effect. In this way, the dyed hair has a natural transition from the top of the hair. Under different light, the hair will show different colors, different shades of light and shadows, demonstrating a unique temperamental light in every moment.


Tips for choosing Ombre’ coloring

  • Chocolate and golden brown Ombre’ hair coloring is the most classic and most versatile type. If you do not want the exaggerate effect of hair, choose the classic color.
  • Nowadays, the gray Ombre’ is a popular hair color, but it is really "picking people". If you don’t have a star face, a model figure or elf temperament, it is best not to try it easily to avoid becoming an old witch.
  • Ombre’ can achieve a good face modification effect. Ask the hairdresser to design according to your face shape and height, which can achieve unexpected results.
  • In order to get the perfect gradation, be sure to choose an experienced professional hair stylist and hair coloring product.
  • If you want to have natural Ombre’ coloring, you can use hair dyes of different shades of the same color system. If you want to be more prominent, you can add contrast colors (such as brown with red or gold) or bright fashion colors. Hair color is more lively and dynamic.
  • After dyeing, use professional hair coloring and hair care products to care for the hair, making the hair color last longer and brighter.
  • Lighter hair color bleaching will damage the hair, especially the tip of the hair. If you have damaged hair or have split ends, please cut off the split ends before dyeing the hair and do repair and maintenance before and after dyeing.
  • Makeup should be as harmonious as possible with hair color, and try not to appear "contrast color"
  • After dyeing the hair, pay special attention to the choice of clothing style. Low-key luxury and street rock style are the most suitable.

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