STOP The Prejudice Against Lovely Round Faces

Perhaps the choices of hairstyles for round face shape could be difficult even for those hairdressers of great fame. However this kind of face shape could be the one that is usually misunderstood. Besides, there is still quite a lot of people who may think their faces are round shape faces by intuition. Correctly recognize your face shape and find the hairstyle rightly for you. ‘’I am round!’’ is the way in which those women express how disappointed they feel for their face shapes. It sounds like having a round face shape is a kind of dishonorable thing. Why is this kind of face shape that unpopular and how did things develop like this? Well, I think this kind of face shape is one of the most exquisite and lovely faces of all face shapes. People always associate round faces with obesity and that’s not fair.

Once gaining a little bit weight, eating high-calorie foods or after long periods of inactivity, when they look their faces, they feel guilty and may quickly take it out on their face shape. However a little bit weight gain cannot change the overall face shape. Our face shape is determined by our bone structure.

Weight gain is always such a heavy topic that no one is willing to face it or mention it. Weight gain is so quick that we don’t want to stare any part of the body in the mirror. But we must use our face to look in the mirror, so I think that’s where the prejudice on round face come from. In fact, there not so many women who have the real round bone structure, and the weight gain can only make our faces a little fuller. A true round face is symmetrical, with our widest part being at the ears and with a round jaw.

The underlying bone structure may contribute to a fuller looking cheek. Besides, if eyes are round and big, this may contribute to the illusion of round face.

Here we list some celebrities with round face.

Queen Latifahwith long hairstyle

Tatyana Ali

Now we’d like to talk about the hairstyles that is suitable for round faces. There are some tips for round shape women who wish to choose the best hairstyle.

Soft waves, asymmetrical hairstyles, short hairstyle are good choices;

And please try to avoid hairstyle like these blow:

Straight hair, center parts, chin length hair with rounded lines

Those hairstyles won’t help to improve the condition but to make your face looks even rounder.

Well we also recommend you to Google those celebrities with round faces and check the hairstyles they choose to wear, which may help to make decisions on hairstyle.

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Celebrities list:
Charlotte Church;
Drew Barrymore;
Ginnifer Goodwin;
Hayden Panettiere;
Isla Fisher;
Kate Bosworth;
Mila Kunis

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