How To Make Hair More Fluffy, Younger And More Vibrant?

Thinning hair really annoys girls, and many girls will consider how to make their hair look more fluffy so that they look younger and more energetic. How can we make our hair more fluffy? What is the principle of fluffy hair products? Why is my hair fluffy?


There are four factors:

1.Hair volume. The more your hair is, fluffier your hair is.

2.Thickness of each hair. The larger the diameter of a single strand of hair is, fluffier your hair is.

3.Softness of hair.Harder hair can "stand up" on the scalp, adding bulk. Softer hair cannot "stand up".

4.Friction between hair.4.Hair can rub against each other, fixing each other in one position, thus increasing the volume. This is also why shaving upside down can make the hair more fluffy: shaving up makes the scales open, forming a rough surface, so increasing the friction between the hair makes the hair more fluffy.


What are the scientific principles of fluffy hair products?

First of all, we must understand that hair care products cannot increase hair volume unless you use a topical medicine such as Minoxidil.

Some products claim to thicken the layer of hair fiber (in fur), but this is just a sales gimmick. The only ingredient that can slightly increase hair diameter is high concentration of Provitamin B5. Of course, products such as chemical dyes can also be used to increase the amount of fiber in the hair, but the damage to the hair is great. This is why hair usually becomes fluffy after dyeing it.

Hair care products can make your hair stronger. The high-molecular polymer in mousse products can be temporarily attached to the hair to make it harder, so as to achieve a fluffy effect. Powders in dry-cleansing shampoos, such as starch and talc, can increase the friction between hairs and therefore make them more fluffy. Some styling products can also achieve this effect through the same principle.


Is it effective to use plumping shampoo to make hair fluffier?

Two functions of using plumping shampoo:

1.Remove styling products from hair.

2.The high-molecular polymer in the shampoo will remain attached to the hair even after washing, increasing the toughness of the hair. As long as you don't overuse the conditioner, this type of shampoo is effective.

How to make thin hair fluffy. There are several ways for you to consider:

1.Use conditioner first, then shampoo. The effect varies from person to person.

2.Use a silicone-free shampoo, and using conditioner is not recommended(this method will cause damage to hair).

3.Use some styling products, such as hair gel, hair wax, hair mud.

4.You can also go to the barber shop to make a perm on the roots of the hair and let the hair stand up. But as you know, perm hurts.

5.Use fluffy powder, fluffy powder can absorb excess oil on the hair and increase the friction between the hairs. It will not make the hair heavier and collapse.

Finally, balance eating, work and rest reasonably, reduce hair loss, and take good care of your hair.

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