Tips on How to Make Wigs Look Natural and Real

More and more women like to wear wigs. It is embarrassing that wearing a wig looks unnatural. Many people will ask how to make wigs look natural and real. You've come to the right place. Follow these tips to wear your wig naturally. 

1.Invest in A Good Quality Wig

The type of wig can make differences in how a wig look natural in your head. It is recommended to choose a high-quality wig to make it look natural.

Human hair wigs always look more natural than synthetic wigs.

The lace front wig creates the illusion of natural hairline, smoothing the border between hair and skin and making your wig hair look like it grows from the top of your head.

Monofilament tops do the same thing, but for the wig’s part. Each hair of the monofilament top wig is sewn into the wig separately, instead of being machine applied. This allows the hair of the wig to move freely and allows you to separate the wig wherever you need it.

2.Ensure Your Wig Fits Properly

There is nothing worse than a wig that doesn't fit your head. Finding the right wig for your head will make your wig more comfortable and make your wig look more natural.

To determine the size of your wig, please measure your head circumference. Start from the front of the hairline, wrap the measuring tape behind your ears to your neck, and then around to the other ear, then align the measuring tape with the other end at the front of the hairline.

3.Choose the Right Wig Color

Usually, your hair cannot have only one color. Most people have different shades of color and gradients throughout their hair. A wig with a single color looks really fake. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose a wig with a rooted color. The rooted color wig subtly blends various tones with the dark color depth at the roots, which make the wig look natural and real. However, if you can't find a rooted color wig you like, make sure to pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors throughout and gives off a highlighted or ombre look.

4.Make Sure Your Hair Is As Flat As Possible Underneath

An important way to tell if someone is wearing a wig is if there is a lump sitting on top of head. To help your wig look natural and real, you need to make sure your hair is flat underneath.

In order to flatten the hair underneath, the most important tool you need is a wig cap to secure the hair and protect the wig. You will also need hair gel, bobby pins or hairpins,, a small amount of hair spray and a tail comb to make it flat.

5.Treat Your Hairline

Working with a perfect hairline will make your wig look natural. You can align the wig with the hairline. Or you can put your wig an inch or two behind on your head, and blend the natural hairline with the wig hairline. You can use some powder to maker the hairline has the same color. If you're trying this trick, it's important to match your wig color with your natural hair color. All in all, the key to a perfect installation is to keep trim edges. If you have long baby hair, your wig should probably have them, too.

6.Replace the Wig Regularly

No matter how hard you want to be, no wig styling product or hat adjustment can save an outdated wig. Try to replace your synthetic wigs every 3 to 6 months and human hair wigs every 6 to 12 months.

Now that you know some of the best tricks to make your wigs look real and natural, try some or all of them.

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