Fantasia's Wild Red Hair-Perhaps The Favorite Hairstyle For Youth


Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor who was born in June 30, 1984, well known by her mononym Fantasia, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, actress as well as an author. When talking about her, there is no getting around American Idol-the reality television series in which she was the winner of the third season. The debut single ‘I Believe’, top at the Billboard Hot 100, has even already been a global phenomenon, sweeping around the world.

Well, I think, there is pretty enough appreciation given to her here. Let’s go back to our topic today. As you have known her for so long, but did you remember the moment when she came out with red hair color in the American Idol’s season 3, which ignited the atmosphere of the audience. Well, we can’t deny that her new hair color was not a surprise. It was brilliant, bright and stunning. Let’s just have a view about the comparison between what she was like with the brilliant red hair and the past.

All promoters of all celebrities, definitely including Fantasia, know that to draw public’s attentions, factors like dressing, hairstyle, for example, should be peculiar. Fantasia’s red hair obviously has achieved on this. I think this does not fit for celebrities only but for all. To be unique and eye-catching, changing you hair color can be one of the best choices.

As for your choices...

If you are the nature of the wild, and you never care about what others’ thinking about you, try different colors! Of course, there are plenty of colors for you choose from in green, blue, purple, yellow, or the Fantasia’s wild red color. But you really need to take it into consideration that those celebrities’ choices can be weird for you, and it is best for you to choose the hairstyle which matches your current lifestyle and your personality. What you think is good, deeply in your mind, is best for you, and do not let other people’s choices dictate your own thinking.

With schools no longer shackling minds of younger, it is predictable that people ,especially younger, with uninhibited personal images will be all around us. Those uninhibited personal images are not only just reflected on hair colors, dressing but also on hairstyles.

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