Charming Marilyn Monroe’s Hairstyle Still Popular Today


Being an American actress, model as well as a singer, it seems that Marilyn Monroe was just perfect in her careers. She was so famous that nearly everyone in the world knows her. Even she was dead unexpectedly in 1962, her films grossed nearly $200 million which is equivalent to $2 billion in 2018. Surely, I am not here to introduce her or tell who she was, because she was so famous even in today’s world. What we are talking about here is about the mid-length, roller set hairstyle worn by the famous Marilyn Monroe.

The reason why we come back to talk about this 1950’s lady’s hairstyle is that this kind of hairstyle, compared with the long hairstyle, is much easier to care. In addition, there are still quite a lot of ladies who prefer a mid-length or even a short-length hairstyle to a long-length one. There’s no doubt that wearing a long-length, waist-length sleek hair for example, can be glamorous, but when it comes to taking care of hair, pretty efforts should be paid.

For this kind of hairstyle, it’s more elegant than straight hairstyle. It’s also easier to care compared with the long-style hairstyle.

The hairstyle that Marilyn Monroe usually wore was the mid-length curling style. Whereas she also wore the the bob hairstyle the length which is just off the shoulders. The hairstyle was with a fringe in the front and back short layers.

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Till now Marilyn Monroe hair style is popular and imitated by so many actresses, singers etc.

For Marilyn Monroe hairstyle, it brings infinite possibilities and this kind of hairstyle is almost suitable for every face shape.

To begin with your Marilyn Monroe hairstyle, it is better to watch some online program about hair colors. We never recommend trying different colors as Marilyn Monroe did before.

Use the 3/4 to 1 inch size curling iron or hot rollers to curl your hair, but remember to apply the heat protection spray before applying heat on your hair.

Roll the fringe up and roll the sides away from the face, and roll the back section under. Cool down your hair and lightly comb your hair with your fingers. Back comb your front hair lightly and make it straight up. At the roots of your hair, please apply the medium or strong spray. In the end, use hair spray for durable modeling. You can also search online to watch how to make better Marilyn Monroe hairstyle result.

Now your Marilyn Monroe is ready, and it is best for any ball, party or formal events. Looking forwards to seeing the back of the Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle.

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