Funky Short Hairstyles Might Be The Brave Choice For You


The American actress, a model, as well as a fashion designer. She successfully draw the attention of audiences by the film ‘American Beauty’ in 1999, and received a BAFTA Award. Ya, she is Mena Suvari. She used to wear long hair and sometimes may try different hair color, but perhaps the most shocking news for her was the hairstyle change.

That American beauty left the impression like stunning, attractive or sweet girl for us in the past, and ,this time, the try could be the brave change for her, but for her fans or audiences, this change could be a surprise which might last for long for them to accept.

Isn’t she worthy of praise? Of course, she is! This beauty is fearless and bravely head on into a funky short hairstyle. She was caught acting in the film ‘The Garden of Eden’ with this funky short hairstyle.

Another actress with the funky short hairstyle is Charlize Therzon, and she rose to fame in the late 1990s. The horror drama named The Devil’s Advocate in 1997 was thought to be her break-out film.

She firstly showed to the public with the funky short hairstyle in the Mad Max series. How stunning look.

She devotes herself in the modeling, music, acting as well as designing ventures. She is Deyn. Her career started at the fish and chip stop, but only when she was just 16, she won the Face of 99 competition. Lately then in her life, her life became so wonderful. She appeared in the advertisements in Dior. She walked the runways for Chanel, and she was on the cover of the American Vogue. She is even much more gorgeous in the funky short hairstyle.

Demi Gene Guynes professionally known as the name Demi Moore, being the American actress and film producer, has experienced over 33 kinds of hairstyle. Her appearance featured waist-length sleek hair when she first appeared in front of the public. Few years later the funky short hairstyle totally surprised the public.

Perhaps the this kind of hairstyle is not the best haircut choice for you. However, if you really want a very quick and easy hairdo, we strongly recommend funky short hairstyle for you. Just that simple, no need that plenty of time spent on taking care of your hair. Once you decide on this, you need a step by step guide on DIY funky short haircut and get started.

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