Lovely Whitney’s Heritage Isn’t Her Songs Only


When speaking of your favorite American singer and actress, who might quickly flash through in your mind? Is she Rihanna? The youngest singer who completed her 13 championship singles? Or Lady Ga Ga, the talented singer but always in crazy dressing, full of controversy? The youngest artist signed by the Sony/ATV Music, Taylor Swift? Of course, there are plenty of answers and answer can never be unique. However ,when referring the singer in 2010s, whom else can you come up with? For me, she is Whitney Elizabeth Houston.



Unfortunately, such a singer, full of talents, left us forever in the 2012. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was an American singer and actress, and she was regarded as the most awarded female artist of all time by the Guinness World Records. Till today, in the best-selling music artist, you can still find her name on it. Her songs were sold all over the world. Thanks for her giving us such touching music to this world that there is not too much sadness or sorrow when we are humming her songs.

Probably it is because her songs are too remarkable that we even neglected other features on her. Recently we gathered some of her images of her big moments, we surprisingly found this lovely lady was also a hairstyle fan. Interested? Step with us to let us witness how lovely this lady’s hairstyles were.

Have a look at this big bobbed hair. Whitney wore bangs and loads of hair dancing with epic spirals, and it was so difficult to imitate. She proved that a lovely girl can also be so cool! ‘’I wanna dance with somebody’’. What a classic!



At Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Party in London, in my mind, this might be the first time for Whitney to try this unruly and unrestrained half up do hairstyle.



This is the hairstyle of Whitney in the performance of her world tour.



Though her talents brought her fame and money, it seemed that Whitney was always doubting the meaning her life. ‘Can I be me? I have made all this money and made all these people happy, and I still can't be me.



Whitney’s Bob with side swept bang

Whitney Houston’s life was short but never simple. What she has left to us is valuable, and her attitude towards life as well as the pursuit of true self is worthy of admiring.

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