Itchy Scalp? Here are the answers!

Itchy scalp is so commonly found on black beauties. I haven’t met a natural who hasn’t experienced itchy scalp syndrome! Itchy scalp is not a big problem but it can still be annoying and affect our daily life. Here are the reasons that may cause an itchy scalp, read the list below and find the way to solve the possibilities.

Wash may be needed

If you have used protective hairstyles like sew-ins or braids, this largely can cause an itchy scalp, and the necessary daily or regular cleaning is very important. There are so many videos out there telling you how to wash your head with sew-ins on and you can find and have a look for help. Some vloggers say they can rock a style for a week or longer, but for most of us, this is very unrealistic. Daily or regular washing is very very necessary to help you feel fresh and clean. I, personally, have to wash my hair every two days or it gets very oily.

Try to clean thoroughly

Sometimes, or most of the time, we have focused so much on our hair strands but not the scalp. If we don’t regularly clean our scalp, you will see the buildup grow on your scalp if you scratch it or something. Our scalp produces oils, but when we have sew-ins, the oil can not smoothly travel down the strands and finally get to the tip, they just chill at the top, and form as the waxy-like residue which can finally get you an itchy scalp. So next time, don’t forget to give your scalp a good wash.

You may be deficient in some nutrients

Do you have a nice balanced diet? Are you picky about food? Do you have strong preferences towards food? If so, you can be lack of some nutrients. Vitamins and mineral is very important when it comes to scalp health. If you are experiencing an itchy scalp, it might be a sign that you should adjust your daily diet. If it’s too difficult for you to eat the necessary food, try the supplements can also be a good way.

Avoid irritating products

The most common type of shampoo ingredient known to cause irritation is the ingredient making up the base and activity of all shampoos – cleansing agents aka surfactants. These ingredients can denature skin proteins and therefore break down your skin barrier. Whether surfactants are or are not irritating to your skin doesn’t only depend on whether the formula contains them – but also the amount it uses and the overall pH and formula of the product. Doing a good study before applying any products on you hair and scalp means a lot. Try to use all-natural or fragrance-free conditioner and shampoo would never be wrong.

You may have a dry scalp

If you wash you hair too frequently, your scalp tends to get dry. And if you live in a place with dry air, the chances for you to get a dry scalp rise. If you have skin conditions, like eczema, you can also feel your scalp dry and itchy. Here are the ways to help prevent dry scalp:

  • using less irritating shampoos
  • switching to a moisturizing shampoo
  • shampooing the hair less frequently
  • using a humidifier to keep the skin from getting dry
  • drinking more water
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