You Got A Delivery Of Hairstyles Specially For Your Face Shape

With the development of information and modern people's love for beauty, in addition to clothing and makeup, they also care about the appearance of hair color.

In many popular colors, which one is really suitable for different customers? How to choose the right combination of face shape and hair color must also be taken into consideration in order to make you more beautiful after dyeing?

As the contours of each person’s facial features and bones are different, the face shapes formed are different. Dyeing hair can not only change one’s temperament but also decorate the face shape by dying hair from light or dark. What are the important points about the relationship between face shape and hair color? Here are some highlights:

 If you are Square Face: Because the lower frontal bone is more convex, to make the lines on the face's lower frontal part softer, you can apply medium-bright hair coloring around the face, or use highlighting and drawing. And the color of the bangs should not be too bright. If you are long hairstyle, then the hair color of the inner contour should not be too light, and it is not necessary to dye the hair root, otherwise the contour of the face will not be easily highlighted. 

As for Round Face Shape: The hair ends of the cheeks can be dyed to modify the area of the face,but it should not be too light, which will make the face look flatter, and the three-dimensionality will not be enough. In addition, it can also be dyed near the forehead area and the top of the head, which can make the face look longer.


Oval Face: It can be dyed on the entire head, so you don't have to think too much, just keep darker on both sides of the face to make the oval face more charming and eye-catching.

Rectangular Face: You can dye your hair brighter on both sides of the cheek, and the hair on the top of the head is darker than the sides. You can brush and highlight at forehead and fringe.


Small Face Shape: Focus on dyeing at the bangs area to make the forehead look longer, and apply dyeing evenly on both sides of the cheeks to make the contour of the face more perfect and beautiful.


Triangular Face: The forehead bangs can be broader and brighter, or choose horizontal hair dyeing to modify the narrowness of the forehead and make the visual effect more flexible. If you have long hair, don't choose a too light base color, but you can use two-color or gradual dyeing. It can also be treated with strip dyeing or highlighting.


Inverted Triangle Face: Use a darker color on the hair above the ears, and lighter color on the frontal bone and the hair below it for balance, so that the bottom of the face will look wider. If you have long hair, you can choose monochrome expression or horizontal hair coloring.

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