You Wash Hair So Often, Why Does Your Hair Still Get Oily?

In daily life, we may encounter various hair problems. Because hair quality of each person is different, the most common hair problem among many hair problems is greasy and dry hair. So what makes your hair so greasy and how to solve the problem of greasy and dry hair?

If you keep washing your hair regularly and still suffer from hair oil, there is probably something wrong. The scalp produces too much oil, which makes the hair cling to the scalp and it looks greasy. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it will also greatly affect your look. So what are the reasons for this problem?

Spicy and oily food

Our eating habits will affect some of our physical changes. Excessive sugar and oil intake in daily life will make the skin greasy. If the condition is serious, it can also lead to seborrheic hair loss. Excessive oil clogging the hair follicles will make hair nipples suffocate, which will make your hair fall out.

Too much oil can also make the scalp environment worse. The oil can absorb a large amount of dust and dirt easily, leaving hair dull, oily and knotted. Stimulant foods, such as pepper, mustard, tobacco, wine, coffee, will also cause secretion of a large amount of oil.

Solution:The correct method is to control the diet. Reducing the intake of greasy, spicy, and fried foods can help to relieve the condition of greasy hair. 

Improper selection and use of shampoo

If you don’t clean up shampoo or you use improper method to clean it up, it will also cause serious problems on the scalp. When washing hair, some people will quickly finish it, whereas there might be a little shampoo residues left on your hair. The incomplete cleaning will affect the growth of hair.

You don’t know your hair texture, or you choose shampoo that is not suitable for your hair. For example, for oily hair, if you choose a maintenance shampoo, it will stimulate the scalp to produce oil.

Solution:Therefore, it is best to choose some shampoo which has better oil control effect. Don't follow the trend. 

You can also protect your hair with essential oils before rinsing your hair. Always wash your hair several times to avoid leaving shampoo residues on the scalp. Try not to use chemical hair products for long periods.

Irregular living habits will cause endocrine disorders. Many girls pursue slim body diets and weight loss, which can also cause endocrine disorders.

Solution: Take part in outdoor activities and adjust the biological clock. Adjust your work and rest habits, no longer staying up.


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