Do You Wear A Wig Every Day? Read These Tips To Carry it Perfectly

Wearing a wig is an excellent way to carry yourself with confidence and experiment with your hairstyles. Today, the market is full of different styles of wigs. They are made using a variety of materials and come in all shapes and sizes. 

If you are a regular wig wearer and want to make your wig appear perfect and natural, follow the below-listed tips.

Measure your head 

When planning to wear wigs daily, the first thing you must ensure is that it fits correctly, just like your natural hair. Since everyone has different head sizes, it is good to measure your head first and buy a wig accordingly. A wig too big slides around and may irritate your scalp. Similarly, a small wig may not fit you well.

Always take accurate measurements and ensure to buy the wig accordingly. Headband wigs are easy to wear and fit perfectly. If you want to keep experimenting with your hairstyles, we recommend buying U-part human hair wigs as they are the most versatile of all.

Don’t forget to wear a wig cap liner 

If you want to keep your wig secure and comfortable, wearing a wig cap liner is highly recommended. The role of this accessory is to keep your wig in place throughout the day.

Besides this, a wig cap liner also keeps your wig clean as it creates a barrier between the wig and your scalp oils.

Never wear one wig every day 

Every regular wig wearers should stick by this tip. Do not repeat the same wig daily. That’s because your wig gets damaged. The external elements, along with the oil from your scalp, will make your wig wear out easily. Wearing the same wig daily also means washing it again and again.

We recommend adding two or three wigs to your collection and keep switching them from time to time. It will ensure that each of your wigs lasts longer.

Wash only when necessary 

Giving unnecessary wash to your wig is a big no. It will make your wig wear out easily. Thus, wash your wig only when it is necessary. The frequency of washing it depends upon how many times you wear it.

According to experts, you should wash a wig every 8-10 wears. Do not use regular products while cleaning your wig. If you are styling your wig with hair styling products, make sure to clean them properly afterwards.

Use a wide-tooth comb 

Combing your wig with a regular comb is not a good idea as it will damage the strands. Keep a wide-tooth comb designed for wigs handy and give your wig frequent combing if you wear it daily.

Using such a comb helps detangle wigs. Do not use paddle brushes on your wigs, as they may make the hair look frizzy.


Dear wig wearers, swear by all the above-listed tips if you wear a wig regularly or occasionally. We promise you will look gorgeous and maintain your wig in the long run.

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