8 Nia Hair Accessories You Need Today

8 Nia Hair Accessories You Need Today

Your hair is naturally beautiful, but like most things in life, it too needs some add-ons to look even better. Be it hair wigs or a simple hair band; such hair accessories have the power to transform your look in an instant, making you stand out in the crowd. If you are wondering what accessories you need in your closet today, here are 8 Nia products that you can start your collection with, especially if you use wigs.

1. Silicone Wig Head Grip To Secure Wigs

When using U-part human hair wigs, you need to ensure the wig doesn’t slip and move around, and this is what the Silicone Wig Head Grip To Secure Wigs on Nia helps you with.

2. Adjustable Lace Grip Hair Band

The Adjustable Lace Grip Hair Band is another wig accessory that allows you to secure your wigs. While variants like headband wigs come with a natural grip, other types need more traction, and the lace grip hair band helps with this.

3. Wig Knots Healer With Brush

Wig knots and grids may seem rather obvious in certain wig variants. This is why you need a Wig Knots Healer With Brush. The concealer allows you to make your wig hairline look natural using the skin-colored pigment and the brush.

4. Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap With Quick Hair Dry

If you struggle with drying your hair and the consequent wet clothes after a hair washes, the Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap With Quick Hair Dry is just what you need. With a nylon-polyester make, the wrap offers quick-drying, comfortable, and lightweight.

5. Hair Pliers For Human Hair Extensions

Hair pliers come in handy when you are dealing with I-tip, Plastic Tube, Microtip, and One-Step Weft extensions. It allows comfort and speed when applying beaded extensions without lifting the hair away from the scalp.

6. Plastic Handle Pulling Loop Micro Beads Threader For Hair Extension

A loop threader is a great option when you need to attach your hair extension and need to pass hair through microbeads. You can also use them for feather installation with their easy operation and comfortable grip handle.

7. Silicone-Lined Beads For I Tip/Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Need to attach I-tip or micro ring extensions? Nia’s silicone-lined beads should be your go-to hair accessory. These lightweight beads give you a secure extension, which does not fall off easily.

8. Sparkling Glitter Shiny Silk Hair Tinsel

Tinsels in your hair can add the much-needed zing to your daily adventures, making you stand out in a crowded bar or public space. These are available in gold, bright purple, rose red, green, silver, and royal blue colors.


Hair accessories are a must-have in any girl’s closet. With accessories ranging from lace wig grip bands to hair tinsels, you can elevate your outfits and party looks with the least amount of effort. Such items are even more helpful if you use wigs, as they help secure the wigs properly.

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