Everything You Need To Know About I Tip Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About I Tip Extensions

Hair extensions and wigs enhance your natural hair either by making it seem longer or more voluminous. These have been around for a long time despite not being widely talked about. If you struggle with dull or thin hair, hair wigs and extensions can be helpful.

One of the most popular extensions is I-tip human hair extensions. If you are unaware or are new to this extension variant, here is everything you need to know.

What are I-tip extensions?

Unlike wigs like headband wigs, which are bundled and attached to the scalp, extensions, especially the I-tip extensions, are attached to individual natural hair pieces with microbeads. The result of using beads is that the extensions look more natural, especially when the microbeads are of the same color as the hair. Sometimes, I-tips are compared with micro links, but the two are different because the micro links are created on wefted racks.

How long does I-tip installation last?

I-tip installations can last up to six to eight months with proper care. However, the hair used in the extensions may last up to a year, which means you can use the same extension for two separate installations. That said, how long an installation lasts depends greatly on the maintenance. Stylists suggest that you should wash the extension hair every 4-6 weeks and visit the salon regularly, where the stylist can remove the cylinder and get rid of any debris and re-install the extension.

Benefits of I-tips

Benefits of I-tip extensions include: 

  • Easy access to the scalp as there is no need to sew in the extension.
  • Reduced installation time. Unlike sew-in weaves, I-tips only take about an hour and a half to install.
  • The lack of braids in the installation ensures the hair can breathe more.
  • You can style this extension in any style and wash it because of its mobility, heat, and color-safe properties.

Who can use I-tips?

I-tips are suitable for all types of hair. However, those with unhealthy, relaxed, and fine hair should avoid this extension, as it would be an extra weight that can damage their natural hair. Ideally, your natural hair should be free of any chemicals like perms or relaxers because chemicals can react with the metallic bead that connects the extensions. Therefore, an ideal candidate for I-tips is someone with healthy and even-length hair.

I-tip extension costs

I-tip extensions costs vary, depending on the length you need. Moreover, the texture of the hair also affects the cost. At NiaWigs, you will find I-tips with beads starting from $84, giving you a cost-effective option.


I-tips are some of the easiest extensions to attach and maintain. These stay on for 6-8 months and offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling. You can curl or straighten them as per your requirement and even wash them without any hassle. Thus, these are great for someone looking to add volume and length to their hair.

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