8 Types of Wigs You Should Know About

Wigs have been part of human civilization for centuries, starting from the ancient Egyptians and Romans to Korean Kisaeng and Japanese Geisha. Back in the days, wigs indicated the social status of the wearer, whereas today, it is used mostly for improving the appearance of the person. Thus, they come in different types, including skin top wigs, and we are going to explore all of them in this post. 

 Human hair wigs (Remy and non-Remy)

 Human hair wigs are as real as wigs can get. The hair is sourced from individuals from across the world; thus, they are more expensive than synthetic wigs. This type of wig is further divided into two: Remy human hair wig and non-Remy human hair wig.

 Synthetic hair wigs

 Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic hair and are comparatively less expensive. With the advancements in the field today, synthetic skin top wigs look more realistic. However, these don’t last long if you regularly use styling tools. That being said, they are perfect for those who want low-cost and low-maintenance wigs. 

 Cap wigs

 Caps wigs are the basic types of wigs. However, today, most hairpieces don’t have actual caps and instead, have hair wefts sewn in for a more natural look. These are machine-made and are more affordable than other types, offering more variants.

 Capless wigs

 You may buy bulk human hair for braiding without a cap because they offer complete coverage and a natural appearance. The wefts of hair are sewn onto thin elastic material strips, which then become the cap, giving a seamless blend between the natural hair and wig hair. 

 Monofilament wigs

 Monofilament wigs are one of the most natural-looking wigs you can get. As opposed to the regular cap used in most wigs, monofilament variants utilize nylon or polyester micro mesh, which offers more flexibility when brushing. The material is also softer and is perfect for bald patches.

 Lace wigs

 Lace wigs are lighter and more expensive, depending on the coverage the wig offers. For instance, front lace wigs have lace only in the front with a non-tearable cloth forming the rest of the cap, whereas the full lace variant has caps made of lace and urethane strips. 

 Hand-tied wigs

 This type of wig is made by sewing in the hair strands manually without using a machine. These result in a more natural-looking wig and allow you to change the part and style the hair with ease. 

 Non-slip wigs

 Non-slip wigs, also known as suction wigs, are the best options for those who have gone completely bald, as the wig will have a better grip. These tend to be lightweight and made of material that naturally attaches to your scalp without irritating it.


 In the modern world, men and women invest in bulk human hair to boost their appearance and confidence. Some jobs even require using a wig. These wigs are available in different styles, including capless wigs and human hair wigs. It is necessary to choose the right type among the different variants available to ensure the best results.

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