10 Tips To Care For Your Extensions

Your hair deserves love and care—so do your wigs and extensions. Whether you use them because of a health condition or to add more volume to your natural hair, hair extensions boost your hair’s appearance and, in turn, your self-esteem. Therefore, when using wigs or extensions, you need to be careful and follow these ten tips to ensure the longevity of the hairpiece.

Love and care is the key

If you think getting hair extensions or human hair lace wigs saves you from the extensive hair care routine you need to practice, think again. Extensions need as much love and care as natural hair.

Avoid sleeping on your extensions

You may feel like the extensions are like your natural hair and it’s okay to sleep on them as you would do with your normal hair. But doing so can tangle the hair and damage the extension clip.

Practice gentle detangling

On the off chance, your extension hair gets tangled, be gentle in your untangling process. Use a wig brush or wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair. Moreover, start your combing from the end and move up.

Don’t wash it too often

Bulk hair extensions don’t have the natural oils that your natural hair does, especially clip-on variants. Therefore, it is best not to wash them too often to minimize any damage.

Use gentle hair products

It is always recommended that you use gentle hair products on your hair extensions. When choosing shampoos and conditioners, look for color-safe options because your extensions are probably dyed.

Don’t use heat tools

Heat tools can damage your extensions just as much if not more, as your normal hair—the reason being the lack of natural oils and nutrients. Therefore, opt for heat-free styling options whenever you can.

Protect extensions from heat damage

If you can’t skip heat tools, then ensure you use a heat protectant like a heat spray on your hair extension to reduce as much heat damage as you possibly can.

 Change the products

 If you have been using a specific set of hair products on your natural hair, make sure to switch things up for your hair extensions. Get new products that are suitable and gentle on your extensions. 

 Store your extensions properly

 Storing extensions properly is necessary to ensure they don’t become a tangled mess when you try to use them next time. Try storing them in a ponytail in empty shoeboxes.

Moisturize your extensions

Your extensions need moisturization too. While sewn-in variants get oils from your natural hair, clip-ons tend to become dry. Prevent this by using leave-in conditioners often. 


Like your natural hair, your hair extensions need all the love and care you can give. From moisturization to using gentle and safe hair products, there’s a lot you can do to care for your bulk hair extensions. Following the above-given tips religiously will help you maintain your luscious mane longer.

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