Headband Wigs vs. U Part Wigs: Which One Is For You?

Wigs have become a common part of life today. With so many varieties available, people get them to style different outfits, rock different looks. That said, one of the most popular wig types is the lace wig. These are soft against your head but require the use of glue, which can ruin your hair. That’s why many women today prefer Headband and U-part wigs. But how are these two types different? Let’s find out. 


Headband wigs come with a hairband and a hair bundle. You can wear this wig on your head like a hat. If you have a good hair volume, you can place the wig backward to add volume to your crown region or place it forward to hide the hairline.

U-part wigs have an opening at the top shaped like a letter “U” to show some of your natural hair. Since the hair on the top is scattered, your wig looks natural, leaving people unaware that you are even wearing a wig. 


While the two don’t have lace in them since they are made of human hair, the materials used in both wigs are different. Headband wigs have a full head cap that is connected to a hair bundle and a headband. On the other hand, u-part wigs have a head cap with a “U” shaped opening and connected hair bundle. 

Wearing method

A lace wig requires a lot of work and time to wear; you need to use glue to keep it in place or sew it in. However, u-part and headband wigs are simpler to wear and take a lot less time. That said, wearing a u-part and a headband wig differs slightly.

When wearing a u-part wig, you will first need to braid your own hair and leave a small patch at the top of the head where the u-shaped opening would go. Then you will need to press it down tightly. Next, you will need to insert the wig clip into the gap of the braided section of the hair and untie the unbraided hair.

On the other hand, to wear a headband wig, you will first need to weave your hair. Next, you will have to wear the wig cap connected to the hair tress. Finally, you will cover the front end of the wig or your hairline with a headband. 

Which one is for you?

As mentioned above, headbands and u-part wigs both save your time when wearing them. These wigs can also be maintained easily. Both have different wearing methods and characteristics. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between the two, the choice largely depends on your hair’s condition (whether thick or thin) and your preferences. 


Unlike lace wigs, headband and U-part wigs are easier to use and look natural. There is no sewing or gluing involved when you wear them. Still, confused between the two? Contact our team at NiaWigs and we will help you make an informed decision. 

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