Follow These Tips to Maintain Your Wig

A wig has become the most common solution to your hair problems like thinning and baldness. You can explore a variety of wigs to buy the best one and carry yourself with confidence. Wigs are made using different materials, from natural hair to synthetic to headband wigs and many others.

When you buy a wig, it also comes with several maintenance instructions that you should follow. A poorly-maintained wig doesn’t just look awkward when you style your hair but also won’t last long.

Here are some maintenance tips to care for your wig in the long run.

Do not wear your wig too frequently

Yes, you heard it right. We do not mean that you should not wear your wig every day. We only suggest not to wear the same wig daily.

It is because over time, the color of your wig fades, the threads start to run, and its natural appearance diminishes. If you are a regular wig wearer, buy more than one wig and start rotating them. The less you wear a single wig, the longer it will last.

Wash your wig properly

Washing your wig doesn’t just mean that you rinse it under the water and use shampoo, but it’s more than that.

Soak it with shampoo or professional wig cleaning solution for a few minutes, and then comb the shampoo through the strands. Do not rub your wig too rigorously. Gently rinse it with clean water and keep combing through. Another important thing – never use hot water while washing your wig. We also recommend air drying your wig and avoid using a hairdryer.

Use the correct products

If you want to make your wig look fresh and more natural, ensure that you use the right products. The products that you use on the wig should be suitable for the type of wig that you wear. For instance, there are different products for wigs made using synthetic hair and human hair.

Many special shampoos and conditioners are available on the market. Always consult a hair expert or wig expert before buying hair care products for your wig.

Brush your wig with care

Another essential maintenance tip for your wig is to brush it with care. Do not use a regular brush designed to comb human hair. Sometimes, this brush can be harsh on the fibers of the wig, thus leading to excessive tension when styling.

You can buy a wig brush designed for different wig types and regularly brush your them with it.

Check the cap of your wig

Whether you own short bob wigs, long wigs, or any other, it is recommended to keep a check on its cap from time to time.

A sweaty or oily wig smells bad. Run your fingers along the inside of your wig cap and remove the accumulation of excess oil and sweat.


We hope that the above-listed maintenance tips for your wigs help you care for them properly. Follow all these instructions to make your wig last longer.

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