Your Guide To Different Kinds of Extensions and Wigs

Are you worried about your increasing hair fall? Do you hesitate to experiment with different hairstyles because your hair is thinning? Well, not anymore. You can now conceal your baldness using different artificial hair options and style your mane in the way you want.

The use of extensions and wigs is so in fashion today, and many individuals are using them for different purposes. Even hairstylists and hairdressers have shown a growing fondness for wigs and extensions. Both these options give you a natural hair look. All you need to do is to select the right one that suits the shape of your face.

Here is your guide to different kinds of wigs and hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions 

Also known as clip-in wefts, they come in a strand of contoured pieces and have their base attached to silicone. Sometimes, soft fabric is also used as the base of the extensions. As the name suggests, these extensions have clips attached to their base. Such an attachment makes them easy to use, and you don’t necessarily need a hairstylist to wear them.

Clip-in human hair extensions are a suitable option if you suffer from extensive hair fall and want to make your hair look dense and voluminous. They are also the least damaging as they do not involve heat, pressure, or chemicals. The installation method is hassle-free.

Sew-In Hair Extensions 

Sew-in hair extension or weave hair is applied by braiding your natural hair into cornrows and then using a thread and needle to sew the weave into them. The weave application is a long process, and you may require a specialist for it. The application of these extensions is tight, which is usually not suitable for thin hair.

Although putting these hair extensions is a complicated process, they remain a popular option. It is because the results are permanent and seamless. Once completed, the hair doesn’t fall or come off.

Full-Lace Glueless Wigs 

full-lace glueless wig is one of the finest options to cover your growing baldness. They can be comfortably secured around your head. What sets these wigs apart from others is that you don’t have to use glue or tape to use these wigs. They are easy to wear and remove. These are also a good option if you are allergic to tape or adhesive and still want to use a wig. They come in handy and are easily available.

Synthetic Hair Wigs 

If you want a natural look, buy synthetic hair wigs, and we promise you will not regret it. Although they are slightly more expensive than other variants, synthetic wigs are worth all the money. They are made using synthetic nylon fibers and give you an attractive look instantly.

However, there are a few drawbacks to these wigs. Firstly, you cannot use hot styling products on these wigs as they can damage the wig’s hair. Secondly, these wigs require a lot of care, and if you neglect them, they will wear out before time.


Why worry about the thinning of your hair when you can choose from the above-listed artificial hair options and style them in the way you want? Shop the best ones now.

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